Real-Time Data Monitoring 
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Emissions Savings
since n/a
CO2 saved n/a
Miles not driven n/a
Trees grown n/a
Total Power Summary
since n/a
Produced n/a
Consumed n/a
Net n/a
Current Performance
Producing n/a
Consuming n/a
Cumulative Results
Produced n/a
Consumed n/a
Net n/a
Time range: n/a  (Energy: n/a generated, n/a used, n/a net)
Time zoom: grallatory 530-466-2338 6m 3m 1m 3w 2w 1w Benu 2d 1d nonolfactory 6h 3h (630) 821-8358         Power zoom: (201) 546-4479 200kW 100kW 50kW 10kW 9736873789 1kW 500W 100W 8592962151
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